Berkeley Security Seminar: Spring 2024

The Berkeley Security Seminar strives to foster greater discussion and collaboration between researchers at Berkeley and outside researchers and engineers who work on large-scale security and privacy. Once or twice a month, we bring in an external speaker for a technical talk on Wednesdays from 11:00AM to 12:00pm on Zoom and in-person, followed by individual meetings with students, postdocs, and faculty.
Please see the Current Seminar Schedule for this semester's talks. We also have a public Google calendar you can subscribe to for up-to-date changes and talk reminders.

Speaker Schedule

Date Speaker Title Abstract
January 31 Mingxun Zhoun Efficient Pre-processing PIR Without Public-Key Cryptography [LINK]
February 7 Andreas Müller The Impact of Uniform Inputs on Activation Sparsity and Energy-Latency Attacks in Computer Vision [LINK]
February 14 Alexander Viand Secure Computation: From Theory to Practice [LINK]
February 21 Sirish Oruganti Circuit-Level Countermeasures against Side-Channel Attacks [LINK]
March 1 Yang Liu AI+Security+Web3 [LINK]
March 6 Guru Vamsi Policharla Threshold Encryption with Silent Setup [LINK]
March 13 Wilson Nguyen Mangrove: A Scalable Framework for Efficient SNARKs [LINK]
March 15 Hidde Lycklama Holding Secrets Accountable: Auditing Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning [LINK]
March 20 Julien Piet Jatmo: Prompt Injection Defense by Task-Specific Finetuning [LINK]
April 3 Marina Bohuk Characterizing & Detecting Password Guessing Attacks in Practice [LINK]
April 10 Eli Margolin Reef: Fast Succinct Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Regex Proofs [LINK]
April 17 Andrew Park NanoGram: Garbled Ram is O(log N) Overhead [LINK]
April 24 Mariana Raykova Advances (And Challenges) in Secure Aggregation [LINK]
May 1 Alex Zhang (GFW Report) TBD
May 8 Qi Pang (CMU) TBD
May 15 Radhika Garg TBD

Info for Speakers

The audience for this seminar typically consists of PhD students, postdocs, and faculty in the security group at Berkeley. Given the nature of this audience, speakers should give concrete, technical talks (similar to talks at academic security conferences); expect lots of questions and technical discussion! The most well-received talks have focused on discussing one or two specific projects in depth; broad overview and recruiting talks are not an appropriate fit for this forum. If you conduct work on important security and privacy issues and are interested in giving a technical talk, please contact Darya Kaviani (daryakaviani@) or Julien Piet (piet@)!

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