About UC Berkeley Security

UC Berkeley computer security research is at the forefront of areas ranging from secure voting, botnets, web security, cryptography, privacy, network security, and software security. Our supportive faculty and diverse students create a highly collaborative environment.


Research Centers and Collaborations


A few of our current projects are listed below. More projects are listed here.

Reading Group

The Security Reading Group meets weekly to discuss interesting papers. See the current schedule. Contact Frank Li (frankli@cs) if you are interested in presenting.

Past Courses

Undergraduate courses

Graduate courses

  • CS 261. Security in Computer Systems. [ f12, s12, s11, f09, f08, f07, f04]
  • CS 261n (formerly 294-28). Internet/Network Security. [s12, f10, f09, s09, s08]
  • CS 276. Cryptography. [s09, s06, s04, s02]
  • CS 294-24. Privacy and Security Enhancing Technologies. [f07]
  • CS 294-50. Advanced Topics in Computer Security. [s10]
  • CS 294-65. Privacy Technologies: From Theory to Practice. [s11]
Additional information can be found in the EECS course directory.